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Here at Love Island, your personal information is really important to us. So important, in fact, that we have two privacy notices (please contain your excitement).

Firstly, we have a general privacy notice for all applicants and contestants which you can view at This is for your usual everyday stuff across all ITV Studios shows and you can read it at your leisure.

Secondly, we have a ‘Love Island privacy notice’ which deals with the sensitive information about you which we will need to ask you for (and/or which you may tell us about) during the casting process and making of the show, such as questions about your previous dating history and preferences which are of course at the heart of the show.

Please take a moment to read the notice carefully (click here to view) as we have to make sure you are happy with how we use this information.

Once you have read the notice, please confirm below whether or not you consent to how we will use your sensitive information, as explained in the notice. If you have already registered and given us your consent, you do not need to complete this step again and you can sign in straight away.

Are you sure? Without your consent you will not be able to register or apply for the show, because the show does of course involve you disclosing information about your sexual orientation and sexual history. Even if you do not have any other sensitive information to disclose, we still need your consent to proceed.

Great! You can now register. You can withdraw your consent at a later date but you may not be able to continue with your application and/or take part in the show.


ITV2 are looking for vibrant singles from across the UK who want to head to the sun, in search of a summer of love. The chosen cast will spend time in a luxury villa, getting to know one another - but to remain in paradise, they must win the hearts of the public who ultimately decide who stays on Love Island.

Please complete this form (the “Registration Form”) in order to register your interest to apply for “Love Island” (the “Programme”) co-produced by ITV Studios Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”) and Motion Content Group Limited (“Motion”) for initial transmission by ITV Network Limited (the “Broadcaster”).

Please note you are just registering your interest at this stage. When we are ready to begin casting contestants, we will invite you to log back into your account to complete and submit a full application form.

The closing date for submitting the Registration Form is: 30 April 2019 (the “Closing Date”). You will not be able to apply unless you have submitted a Registration Form by the Closing Date. We may extend the Closing Date at our discretion without notice.

Please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements (as set out below) and read the Programme’s application terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) very carefully before you start to complete the Registration Form.


  1. You must be aged at least 18 (eighteen) years of age on or before the closing date of 30 April 2019, due to the nature of the Programme.

  2. You are not:
    1. currently employed by us, Motion or the Broadcaster and have not been previously employed by us, any of the ITV group of companies, Motion or the Broadcaster; or
    2. a live-in partner or immediate relative (for example, mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister) of an employee of ours, Motion, the Broadcaster or any of the ITV group of companies.

  3. You must hold a passport which will be valid for the whole period of 01 May 2019 to 31 August 2019 (inclusive), and any other travel documentation (e.g. visas) required to allow you to travel and stay within the European Union during that period. You also agree to notify us immediately of any change to your passport or travel status.

  4. You must be exclusively available to participate in the Programme for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks from May 2019;

(the “Eligibility Requirements”)

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